Illustrator: Mitaka Shinno
Scenario Writer: Morita Midori

You have already fight with Ouji childhood friend, Nazuna.
If you are walking while angry, resulting in the accident Chu and the man who fell from the stairs suddenly.
Got angry and " rude person! " The person of the man for some reason.
When you come home while becoming feeling sad situation you do not know the reason,
Story Prince is coming to homestay at home for some reason is!
Parents will go to overseas travel reward I got, to end up to his care.
And the prince on the other of the accident Chu,
And brother of Prince Butler, Butler to his brother came tumbling, I threaten the peace of the Nazuna!
Royal multi-tenant comedy of dangerous fragrance. 


Nazuna Suzuhara
※ name can be changed

Age: 18 years old
College student financial habit is struggling with the parents slap-happy rough.


Prince Edward

Age: 19 years old
Ruridania kingdom first prince. Nicknamed Ed.
It is a character I like, but you have the confidence and pride as a member of the royal family.
Homestay in the house of the Nazuna. It seems to have been targeted by thugs apparently.



Age: 22 years old
Edward Butler.
Competent reticent. And are serving to Edward like a shadow always.
I treat it like a maid of Nazuna.
It's a universal not as interesting, but actually weaknesses...... only one.


Prince Theodore

Age: 16 years old
The second prince Ruridania kingdom. Nicknamed Teddy. Brother of Ed.
The cute girl to like you are always smiling, but it Haraguro fine in the back.
Ultra Burakon prince love Ed.



Age: 20 years old
Theodore Butler.
And feel that a courtesy 's mack at the sight of women in chat.
Nevertheless, ability as Butler is conflict with the Vantaa. 


Ouji Matsuoka 

Age: 18 years old
Childhood friend who lives in the house next to the Nazuna.
You are nervous because the princes began to live together in the house of Nazuna.
It 's seems to be a part-time job of secret but......