The Company implements the following for the protection of all personal information provided by Customer such as Customer's name, email address etc.

1. The Company does everything possible to protect your important, personal information and we are in full compliance with all laws and regulations covering personal information and other industry norms.

2. The Company may handle Customer's personal information appropriately within the scope of the following purposes.

  • In order to respond to various inquiries from Customer.
  • In order to provide information that is useful and necessary to Customer such as in direct mail, campaigns, surveys etc.
  • For the Company to make inquiries necessary for our business operations, and collect opinions, and
  • To help us improve the quality of the contents and services we provide.

3. So that we can handle Customer's personal information appropriately, the Company has established internal company regulations and management systems and we train our employees thoroughly. The Company has implemented strict measures in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information or the loss, destruction, falsification or leakage etc. of personal information, while we continually review and improve our systems, striving always to keep your personal information safe.

4. The Company will never provide Customer's personal information to a third-party without Customer's approval, except in the case that the Company receives a legally legitimate request to disclose personal information from a competent organ of government such as a court or police agency etc.

5. If Customer wishes to inquire about or modify etc. their personal information, make contact at the Company’s appropriate reception window and we will handle it promptly as soon as we are reasonably able.

6. The Company may change the contents of the Privacy Policy without warning, and the Privacy Policy shall take effect in the altered form from the point in time when it is posted.

The Company is in full compliance with all laws and regulations and other industry norms covering personal information held by the Company and we are constantly reviewing all of the measures described herein, striving to improve.

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