Illustrator: Syuri Yasuyuki
Scenario Writer: Morita Midori

Inspector Lestrade seeked help from Holmes about Arsene Lupin, the gentleman thief in France. 
In an incident even involving Jane, Holmes, Lupin and Moriarty - the "Napoleon of crime", faces their final three-way battle!
The second Holmes pastiche, vibrantly coloring the end of the century.


Jane Hudson

※ name can be changed

Occupation: Lodging House Owner

A widow who manages a boarding house on 221B Baker Street.
Her husband was suddenly killed by a carriage running over him, just three months after their wedding.
She decides to start a boarding house with his inheritance that was left behind.
She is very tough-minded and full of curiosity. 


William Sherlock Holmes 

Occupation: Consulting Detective

He is carefree and confident but at the same time, a very excellent detective.
A lodger of 221B Baker Street. 



Occupation: Doctor

He used to be a military doctor in Afghanistan.
A calm youth with common sense.
He publishes novels based on the cases solved by Holmes.



Occupation: Unknown

Kind to women. A gentleman on one hand and a playboy on the other.
He once dreamed of living at 221B Baker Street. 


James Morris

Occupation: Painter

A painter who lived next to the boarding house.
Deeply into Jane.
He seems to be an illustrator and a columnist in France. 



Occupation: Police officer

A skilled chief police inspector of Scotland Yard.
Serious and into details.
He trusts Holmes' abilities but collides with him at times.


Arsène Lupin

Occupation: Gentleman thief

A gentleman thief renowned in France.
He can disguise himself as anyone. Elusive.