Illustrator: GESO.
Scenario Writer: Tasuku Wakamiya

The capital of Heian - Kyo time.
Sumire is the heroine, the daughter of middle nobility, inspired by nature is strong, There was a power to see who causes not people.
For this reason, saved by a mysterious boy a place to meet in spirited away at an early age, and this has been lost in the mountains.
Violets month of '10 flows from it, grew beautifully had a practice of dance.
Suddenly, had appeared wind is blowing, high clogs in dressed as a warrior priest, And there was Tengu you bearded hawk wings on the back!?
And, Onmyoji to scramble to try to protect her and kitsune aiming for violet not only Tengu also appear.
You will love with Tengu?
Or fall in love with humans?
Fall in love with the kitsune or even?


久我 菫(Sumire Kuga)
※ name can be changed

Age: 16 years old
I like the daughter of middle-class aristocracy, to dance the dance to the tune of father has a flute teacher.
Born spiritual power is high, I have a special ability to see a person causes not people.
Spirited off at an early age, but you have to take care of the charm of the wings of a hawk that got it helped me at that time from the "Big Brother".



Age: 300 years old
His real name is large Tengu who protect "Kurama bishop Bow" the (Kurama layered bars) Kurama.
Expression is poor, but friendly personality while clumsy.
To fulfill a promise to signed 10 years ago, came to pick violets.



Age: 1000 years old
"Mt Tarobo" His real name is Large Tengu to protect the Mt.
Tengu of Japan to stand at the apex of the large Tengu who is 48 people and is followed by a large number of Kin. Is it a Gong -year-old, carefree leisurely shop that does not occur that thoughtless.
It looks at the good young man, has been aloof from the world and the tone, but the contents are the elderly.



Age: 100 years old
His real name is large Tengu who protect "Hiei method of Bow" the (Hiei Fengcheng bars) Mount Hiei.
Because 16 years ago, had been occupied by the monks of Enryakuji, was forced out of Mount Hiei.
Picked up in Chitose, lives in Mt now.


安部 景時(Kagetoki Abeno)

Age: 21 years old
Onmyoji with childhood friend Violet.
And I believe pride is high, himself to be excellent, but the spiritual power is not so high. The sultry in the hot-blooded, but thick duty and obligations.
You're a possession kimono drop or amulet and anxious about things violets easy possessed, but the effect...... really?



Age: 800 years old
It has taken the dubious always condescending attitude to everyone and smile, I do not know what you're thinking.
I would like the violet aim for a certain purpose.