Illustrator: Syuri Yasuyuki
Scenario Writer: Morita Midori

Jane is stunned that the first people who want to stay at the lodging house she opened are all strange. 
William Holmes is a self-proclaimed 'Consulting Detective'.
Jane had never heard of that kind of job before and honestly wanted to turn him away, but her young age made it hard to gather people to stay at her lodge, so it was hard to turn him away.
Seeing how torn Jane was, Watson, another gentleman who wanted to stay at her lodging house, suggested she use this opportunity to have him solve a case and see him at work with her own eyes…
This is a parallel Holmes' pastiche coloring the end of the century backdrop.


Jane Hudson

※ name can be changed

Occupation: Lodging House Owner

Jane is a young widow who manages a lodging house on 221B Baker Street. 
Her husband died suddenly three months into their marriage one year ago when he was hit by a carriage.
Jane used her inheritance to open a lodging house. She is determined and has a vigorous curiosity. 


William Sherlock Holmes 

Occupation: Consulting Detective

William is insolent, and aggravatingly confident in himself, but he is an amazingly skilled detective.
He wants to live at the lodging house on 221B Baker Street.


John H. Watson

Occupation: Doctor

John is kind to women, if you put that trait in a good light you could say he’s gentlemanly, or you could call him a playboy.
He pays no attention to status differences and treats Jane as a lady. He wants to live at the lodging house on 221B Baker Street.


James Morris

Occupation: Painter

James is Mrs. Hudson’s neighbor who fell in love with her and is always coming to the lodging house to persuade her to be a model for his paintings.
He’s a cheery young man, but he occasionally speaks and acts suspiciously. He might be hiding something.