The main character, Canna (name can be changed), comes to the Regalo Island where is now a popular tour spot. The style of buildings, the smell of the wind, the sunny and always can keep relaxing residents are all different from her hometown-Giappone. Cana is attracted by Regalo Island little by little.
One day...
Mondo, who is on the top of the private organization 『Arcana・Famiglia』, will choose a new executive candidate for new cellier. Even Cana has rejected to be the candidate, a proposal was made from Mondo. He wanted her to participate "La Primavela", and to know more about Regalo Island......
This is a charming love story (Piccola Amore), through the spring festival "La Primavela"――


※ name can be changed

Age: 18 years old
One day, Canna was selected as a candidate for becoming one of the leaders of the Arcana Famiglia.
In order to become familiar with the Island of Regalo, she will attend the Spring Festival "La Primavela" with the people she met......!



Age: 20 years old
Ristorante server 
A high spirited young male. He loves women and hits on them all the time but never ends well. Proud to work at the ristorante and hopes to own his own ristorante in the future.



Age: 20 years old
A huge cat lover. His cat, Bedi is always with him. Has a whimsy personality himself just like a cat. Once you get familiar with him, you see his kindness. His personal life is a mystery.



Age: 21 years old
Cat(Bedi)'s owner
The cute girl to like you are always smiling, but it Haraguro fine in the back.
Ultra Burakon prince love Ed.



Age: 27 years old
Flower vendor
Loves to flirt with woman, saying "women are like flowers". He sells flowers to women with flattering words. Has a rivalry with Zita - another flower vendor and constantly competes with her.